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Andrew Carnegie once said “Giving, well done, is hard work.” The Art of Giving’s creative strategies will assure that your giving is done well while at the same time making the giving process enjoyable and rewarding.

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The Art of Giving helps individuals, families, foundations and corporations be more effective with their charitable giving. In today’s busy world, most donors are reactionary, that is they respond to requests as best they can. Our philanthropic advisors will transition your giving from reactionary to strategic. The Art of Giving’s goal is to help clients maximize their philanthropic giving both in dollars and time to bring about change in the areas they care most about. Similar to other aspects of wealth management, to be effective you need a plan. The Art of Giving works to develop a proactive, customized giving program to maximize results while honoring our clients’ values and priorities. 

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We  design and implement strategic giving programs that realize the philanthropic visions tailored for:

We also partner with Financial Advisors to design giving plans for their clients.

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