Individuals & Families

Design a giving program

Analyze giving history, define goals, select fields for charitable giving 

Select charitable organizations

Conduct intensive research on organizations that match your giving requirements, ascertain programs that will optimize the value of your gift

Partner with chosen charity

Assist selected charity to attain matching grants and thereby enhance the impact of your gift 

Discover volunteer opportunities

Assist with locating and obtaining volunteer opportunities including board positions as desired 

Involve family

Construct strategies to build family participation 

Evaluate effectiveness of your charitable giving

Analyze your results and impact 

Foster recognition

  • Acknowledgement  Whether it is a lasting tribute to you or your family or a listing on a program The Art of Giving will facilitate the process to insure that your visions are met. 

  • Anonymous  It is challenging, if not impossible, for anonymous donors to perform due diligence. Leaving messages or responding to emails can make giving anonymously difficult. Working with The Art of Giving enables clients to be actively involved in the giving process while taking precautions to maintain the desired anonymity. 

The Art of Giving is available to help donors of varying philanthropic budgets. Contact us to set up a free consultation to see how The Art of Giving can assist you with your charitable efforts.